1. Nunu Bugles's Avatar
    Hey guys!

    I want an iPad Pro but can't decide if I should buy the 9.7'' or 12.9''.

    The following things are important for me:
    - take it with me
    - fast device (should not load for too long)
    - drawing (I have a bamboo pen & touch and also want to draw with the iPad.)

    The size of the 9.7'' is a big + for travelling, but the 12.9'' would be amazing to have @ home. I friend of mine told me that his tattoo artist switched from his touch tablet wacom thingy to the iPad Pro 12.9'' and is very happy with it.

    I heard that 9.7'' is not as good as 12.9'' to draw with. I haven't found any videos or good reviews for that atm. I could say if it would bother me if I could watch it on a video.

    I also read that the 12.9'' will be much faster after a long time of using it. If I buy that one it should work for at least 2.5 years.

    I hope anyone can help me, cause I need to figure it out until next week.
    The IT guys in the apple store couldn't really tell me the difference of drawing with them cause they are no pro artists.

    04-06-2016 09:59 AM
  2. MaxSmarties's Avatar
    well, it's not easy to give you a good advice.
    If drawing is the primary concern, I would go for the 12.9". I don't think there is any real difference between the twos, but the bigger siblings just offers much more screen estate.
    Portability is better for the 9.7", for sure, but that doesn't mean you can't take it with you in the right bag.
    04-06-2016 02:36 PM
  3. Dave Marsh's Avatar
    I agree there are no significant performance differences with either. It's a portability vs. screen real estate issue. The larger iPad Pro is definitely noticeably heavier than this new smaller model.
    04-06-2016 02:52 PM

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