1. Rafis_23's Avatar
    hello!do you guys think it's worth upgrading to an ipad pro.?I mean it really is big and after this type of device it looks like you're having a laptop.the specs are quite good noone doubts this but even if it's light and thin it becomes less portable with these 12.9 inches.And i'm more of the idea having OS X instead of iOS when it comes to large devices. so what do you reckon? thanks in advance

    p.s : im new here and greetings from greece
    03-29-2016 07:18 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. Now in regard to your question, whether it's worth upgrading depends on your wants and needs. I will be buying the 9.7" iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard either this weekend or sometime next week, depending on store availability. It's worth it to me because I will be using it as a replacement for my aging early 2009 model MacBook that I have connected to a spare 32" TV. In other words, my MacBook is no longer portable. I've always maintained that a laptop is still necessary for certain things, and I still believe that to be true for "me". Still, I can't deny that probably 98% of what I do via my MacBook can be done with the iPad Pro. I'll either confirm that statement or deny it soon enough. As for you, it appears that the iPad Pro is not for you at this time being that you've stated that it is "less portable" and because you're "more of the idea having OS X instead of iOS when it comes to large devices". Know what I mean?
    03-29-2016 08:05 AM

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