1. Jin-oh Choi's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone is considering USB-C to Lighting Cable with the Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter for the iPad Pro 12.9.

    9to5Mac reported (Review: USB-C to Lightning Cable + 29W Power Adapter is what should have shipped with the 12.9? iPad Pro | 9to5Mac).
    03-27-2016 03:54 PM
  2. winters07's Avatar
    so SO happy with the fast charging ...

    0-80% is ~1.5 hrs --
    80-100% is ~30min ... (>80% the device goes in trickle-mode)

    and when plugged in and doing heavy graphical work, there's no discharge.

    for my work, the 29w charger is a good investment.

    would recommend getting only authentic cable from apple but you can find used authentic 29w charger elsewhere
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    04-02-2016 09:28 AM

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