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    I've decided at the end of this semester I'm going to buy myself an iPad with whatever remaining money i have before i need to start buying responsible adult things.

    I can't decide between the brand new iPad Pro 9.7 or saving $100 and picking up a 64gb iPad Air 2. I most likely wouldnt use the Pro for "professional" level work, and i can do the majority of my schoolwork on my laptop just fine. Unfortunately, i'm the type of person who will cringe at the thought of having a 2 year old device when theres a nice shiny new one out there with double the performance. Also, my rationale for buying the Pro would be the fact that its "future proof", because i definitely won't be buying another iPad for several years.

    Any opinions of which i should buy and/or pros and cons for each choice?

    9.7 inch iPad Pro 32GB ($599) or iPad Air 2 64GB ($499)?
    03-26-2016 11:32 AM
  2. StraightlineBoy's Avatar
    I'm also currently mulling over which iPad to buy and know what you mean about spending big on an "old" device. The Air2 is only 18 months old and is only one model behind the new Pro. It looks like the iPad update cycle might be slowing down now. In the run up to the Pro being announced the tech press wasn't saying Apple must update the iPad Air2 because it's so slow (unlike say the Mac Mini or thin MacBook).

    The main question you need to answer is what will you use it for? If you want to store photos, music and video on it and play games that have big installs then 32Gb could quickly become too little. If you make use of the cloud and have music on another device (as I do) then 32Gb might be ok. The other obvious question is could you see yourself wanting the Apple pencil in the future, if so that says you should go for the Pro. If you decide you need 64Gb then I don't think the Air2 will disappoint and I think it will be supported for quite a few years
    03-26-2016 12:09 PM

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