1. mark2741's Avatar
    I have never been one to purchase extended warranties, and the few times I have it's been a waste of money. That said, my family has managed to crack a lot of iphone screens over the years.....

    Apple's website says they are charging over $300 for the iPad Pro screen replacement. That makes me wonder whether the Applecare+ is worth it. I'll probably just invest in a rugged case, but what do you all plan on doing?
    03-23-2016 01:42 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I'm not one for extended warranties either, however, I don't mind getting Apple Care Plus for my iOS devices. My iPhone is my most used electronic device and when I get the iPad Pro to replace my aging MacBook, it will be used a good deal, too, so getting Apple Care Plus for it, just in case, is worth the money, even if I don't have to use it within those two years. Peace of mind is what's it's all about.
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    03-23-2016 04:24 PM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    I think with you saying your family has cracked a lot of screens, I think you have answered your own question.
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    03-23-2016 07:26 PM
  4. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    I'm not into extended warranties...unless it's for my Portable Apple devices. The iPad Pro is really nice and expensive to fix. AppleCare+ is well worth it, especially if you have a tenacity for cracking screens.
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    03-23-2016 07:31 PM
  5. OZsMac's Avatar
    I had exactly the same thought, the AppleCare+ fee plus the service fee is still less than the screen replacement fee.....so it's a bit of a no brainer for me.
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    03-23-2016 09:03 PM
  6. Slammed925's Avatar
    I went the squaretrade route as it let me get coverage for the family plan
    03-23-2016 10:57 PM

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