1. EarleD's Avatar
    I really don't use my laptop much anymore. Occasionally check email. I seem to use my iPhone for most everything.

    I seems to me that the 12.9" iPP will be a perfect fit for me. Great device for email, surfing, etc. 99% of what I do. I will still have my plex server for any of only things that may come up.

    I'm thinking about the new 256gb version. Space black. Very nice looking. I currently have the 64gb phone and haven't come close to filling it but the big iPP will probably be for movies and tv frequently.

    I do have a couple of question though.

    Can you back up your iPhone to the iPP like you can with iTunes on the pc?

    I never owed a iPad before. Is restoring dfu mode done the same as an iPhone? I like to run betas

    How many apps are optimized for iPP

    I'm sure more questions will come up

    03-23-2016 08:52 AM
  2. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    iPads function like Giant iPhones. So DFU works the same way, you cannot back up your iPhone to your iPad. However you can use iCloud for your backups.
    03-23-2016 10:57 AM

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