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    Each person's situation is different. I had an iPad Air. The new iPad Pro 9.7" is twice as fast, better screen, new hardware features, such as a much better camera, and attached/detachable Smart Keyboard and Pencil stylus option. It's a huge upgrade from the first generation Air for me. However, it's only moderately faster than the iPad Air 2 with the same 2GB of RAM for running programs and keeping data available instantly for recall. That, along with a base $100 price increase makes that upgrade option more problematic.

    Logically, that makes buying the new iPad Pro 9.7" a very iffy option for anyone with the last generation Air 2, unless the new features are important for you. However, for anyone with an older iPad, or none, the new iPad Pro 9.7" is the new world class standard for those in the market for an iPad. It was a no brainier for me.
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    04-04-2016 12:25 AM
  2. Ariza16's Avatar
    thank you for your input, i appreciate it. Will stick with my Air 2 for now.
    04-04-2016 03:03 PM
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    I originally ordered the Pro to replace my Air 2, but then after playing with one in a store I canceled the order. The reasons are that it did not feel any faster than my Air 2, because my Air 2 never felt slow to begin with. I did notice that the screen was less reflective when I was able to take the Pro outside to compare side by side, but I use my iPad more indoors than outdoors, so that wasn't that important. The new speakers are awesome but I use a nice pair of over the ear headphones the few times I do watch videos and the current speakers are loud enough to me for the short video sessions I might do. I don't care about the pencil and I'll likely never take pics with my tablet.

    I would have kept it had apple put 4gb of ram and the newer Touch ID sensors since I would be able to keep it longer with those features. 2gb of ram while good now will likely be weak feeling between iOS 10 and 11. 4gb on 10" tablet would last a while. So I shall wait until they do those things.

    If you value the things I didn't with the Pro then go for It.
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    04-04-2016 09:14 PM
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    I also have an iPad air 2 and was thinking to buy the new iPad pro 9.7. But I wanted it cause of the pencil. Since the first iPad pro I wanted him. I tested him and was really impressed. But the size and price of the 12.9 was a contra. So, I wait, knowing that one day apple will bring out a smaller iPad for the pencil.
    Therefore I was excited when the introduce the iPad pro 9.7 until I saw the price. Much more then I expected only to can use the pencil. So, I checked all other specifications and if any of them justify the price. And I must say I didn't found one for me. Okay, it's faster then an air2 but I never thought that my air is to slow. He really is not. Same memory. Better cameras but I never used them on my air beside some video chats. Four speakers... thats beside the pencil at the end the only arguement I found for the pro. They are really impressive and I watch many movies/videos on my iPad.
    So I end to search a shop where I can test the pro together with the pencil but when I search I found an offer for the 12.9 which together with cover and pencil had the same price as the newer 9.7 (with cover and pencil). So, I end here... not reational, not logical but I am really statisfied. But here I got a bigger display, which was the argument.

    Long story, short message: I would not replace my air 2 by a pro when you not need the pencil or the better cameras.
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    04-09-2016 02:26 AM
  5. taonari's Avatar
    If you are wanting to use the Apple Pencil and Apple's Smart Keyboard in the 9.7" size, then go for it! It is definitely easier to carry around than the 12.9" model. Both are great and have their own pros and cons. If you can go to an Apple Store or a local Best Buy, see if you can look at one up close.
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    04-11-2016 11:01 AM
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