1. emjayess's Avatar
    [I posted this in a few blog comments, but I thought this forum might find it useful, too]

    I just wanted to pass this on: I just discovered the new Zagg Slim Book keyboard and case for the iPad Pro. While I was having the new Zagg Glass Luxe screen protector put on my iPhone (which is really cool--also the best screen protector I've ever had!--it works the best with the Home button and the curved sides of the screen/device), the kiosk person heard me mention that the Apple Store was out of the Logitech Create case.

    She did a great sales job showing the the Slim Book. I quickly searched and read this review, as well: Review: Zagg's Slim Book More Than Doubles the Weight of the iPad Pro, but Keyboard is Great - Mac Rumors
    That reviewer pretty much nails it. How do I know? Well, we have a 2 day old Logitech Create keyboard/case at home for my wife's iPad Pro.

    After trying them both, it's a no brainer: Zagg outshines the Logitech. It's like having a MacBook Pro but you can easily remove the iPad Pro with the Zagg case back protector on it. While it's attached to the keyboard and unlike the Logitech, you have multiple angles for viewing and palm space while typing like a laptop. The keys are better etc.--anyway, read the review if you're interested.
    01-02-2016 09:50 PM
  2. craftEcowgirl's Avatar
    Thanks, been waiting for them to be in Stock! We want a laptop replacement so to speak and this will work great. I have slimbook for my ipad mini 4 arriving next week
    01-03-2016 07:25 AM

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