1. djgmac's Avatar
    Just got an ipad Mini 4, and after getting an alert to fill out card information for apple pay, I looked for an actual wallet app. but couldn't find one, and can't pull up the wallet the same way as you would on the iphone. What's the purpose of having credit card info set up if there isn't an app for it?
    12-27-2015 10:13 PM
  2. Highrisedrifter's Avatar
    The Wallet app is not included on any iPad model; the app is only usable with the iPhone.

    You can still use Apple Pay by going to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay

    You just can't use the Wallet app on the iPad.

    Apple Pay is only compatible on Touch ID capable iPad devices like the mini 3, mini 4, Air 2 and iPad Pro. Payment is accomplished "in-apps" and not "in-stores" like the compatible iPhones are capable of. There is no need for the Wallet app with the iPad, that's why it's not provided.
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    12-28-2015 03:02 AM
  3. quanter's Avatar
    Apply pay works well, also Google Wallet is an option I believe.
    02-10-2016 08:38 AM
  4. Samuel Orris's Avatar
    Search in the iTunes store or use google wallet. Or iOS 9
    03-19-2016 05:46 AM

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