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    I can easily access my ipad Retina but I seem to have forgotten my Passcode for Restrictions. All I want to do is wipe some apps. So how best to do that?

    Must I use Factory Reset or will Reset All Settings do the job as well but with less hassle? What actually is the difference?

    As a matter of interest I'll be in an Apple store within the net few weeks so if I took the machine with me would an Apple Genusis be able to fix the problem for me without having to do resets?

    As always many thanks for advice offered


    Oh yes I've used up seven attempts and I understand we are only allowed ten
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    From my experience if you have a restrictions passcode to enter when you try to erase all settings (which is different from deactivating find my iphone with iCloud), then the only way to get around that would possibly be a full restore through iTunes. But then the restrictions passcode would also be restored. Your only good option, as far as I can think of, would be to restore through iTunes, set it up as new so the restrictions code is no longer there and then manually put the apps on there that you want.

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