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    Hello to everyone!

    I´m facing a problem with my iPad Mini Retina since two days and as I didn´t find any solution by looking up in the search engines for hours or any other site I´d like to ask you guys if anyone of you got the solution for me.

    So here´s the situation:
    When I was working with the iPad it suddenly turned itself off and started again, showing the apple logo for one or two minutes and then changing to the spinning wheel for another 5 minutes or something like that. After that you can see a bluescreen for a part of a second and the whole procedure starts again as described before.
    Before it occurred I was just listening to music and installed a few new programs from the official app-store (nothing special). I know that it is mostly out of memory (only 100 or 200Mb left) but I don´t think that this could be the problem.

    As I bought the iPad shortly before my holidays there was nothing important on it before, but I made loads of videos and pictures with it, which are very important for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t make any backups on the pc during my journey so Restoring or Recovering is NOT an option.

    About the iPad:
    32Gb, WiFi, iOS 7.0, not jailbroken, bought in January 2014

    What I´ve tried so far or what I know that you still can do with it:
    • It is possible to put it either in the Recovery or the Restore mode and iTunes then recognizes it (saying it needs to be restored).
    • I thought it maybe could be something like a “recovery-reboot-loop” so I tried TinyUmbrella to exit that mode but that didn’t work.
    • Also I tried to reset it as to push the on/off and the home button for more than 10sec several times, also with no other result than starting again and again.
    • iRecovery also didn´t work.
    • Another thing I realized was that when the device is starting again and again and if it´s still plugged in the computer, the computer recognizes it as you can hear that sound which you can always hear when using windows and a device is plugged into the usb port.
    • I read about custom ramdisk but didn’t find a solution how to do it with iOS 7.0.

    So that’s everything so far. Maybe anyone of you can help me and tell me a way to get to my saved videos and pictures no mather how hard or how complicated the way will be.

    Thanks and kind regards,
    03-14-2014 07:57 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    1. Your low memory / disk space could indeed be the problem
    2. Taking the restore option out of the equation has severely limited your options
    3. Did you have and iCloud account with photostream enabled? If so, many of your photos should be available to you.
    4. Be prepared to lose your photos in order to get your device up and running again.
    03-15-2014 10:10 AM
  3. michael_aut's Avatar

    But according to the memory: Like I wrote, I also thought about that possibility but I quit do not understand why there is now safety feature or anything similar in order to prevent something like this.

    I had one, but as there were about 15-20GB of pictures and videos it was not enough. Also I didn't have a good WiFi most of the time during my journey as to upload all of the (some were already uploaded to drop box, box and drive).

    Is there a possibility to regain the data via an Apple Store?

    I also read about a possible way via ssh our something like that because the pc recognizes the iPad but I only found an instruction for an older iOS (4.0).

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    03-16-2014 03:01 PM

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