1. Diveo Media's Avatar
    Version 1.14.2
    Minor improvements.
    02-25-2018 03:29 PM
  2. Diveo Media's Avatar
    Version 1.14.3
    • App productivity was increased and small bugs were fixed;
    • Updated Little Stories icon.
    03-07-2018 04:24 AM
  3. Diveo Media's Avatar
    Version 1.14.4
    • Now you can buy stories right in the App Store!
    • Little Stories took the 3rd place in Golden App 2017 in the category 'Entertainment'!
    03-07-2018 04:25 AM
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    Version 1.14.5
    Text improvements in the book 'The Magic Christmas Tree.'
    03-16-2018 01:44 PM
  5. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Thanks for updates! Good luck with the app!
    03-16-2018 02:22 PM
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    Version 1.15.0
    A new story “True Friendship” has been added in Little Stories!
    Author is Altai Zeinalov
    Illustrator is Natalia Asanova
    Composer is Artyom Akmulin

    Download link
    Little Stories. Fairy tales, in which your child becomes a main character!-rpwiinjn8fk.jpg
    04-10-2018 05:00 AM
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    Version 1.15.4
    Slightly redesigned the screen with authors. The cat is smaller, the blue bird flew away
    05-23-2018 03:12 PM
  8. Diveo Media's Avatar
    Version 1.15.5
    New bright colors for numbers in the contents.
    The promo book (last one) got the new cover. Check it out!
    06-09-2018 03:59 PM
  9. Diveo Media's Avatar
    Version 1.15.8
    The swipe on the last page (on iPhone) is working now! Thank you for your patience!
    06-29-2018 07:36 AM
  10. Diveo Media's Avatar
    Version 1.16.0
    Paul Ian Cross is the author of our new fairy tale “A Stegosaur Story.” He is from Great Britain and he is an award-winning children's author. The new tale will teach kids not to leave home without permission. Helping in trouble issue will be revealed in this tale as well.

    The illustrations for this story were created by Andrea Castro (Colombia). It is her first fairy tale experience in Little Stories. Paul Ian Cross emphasized that it was exactly the kind of style he would like the tale to be.

    As always, Artyom Akmulin composed the music for this story. His melody will dive you into soothing tones of the story and will bring you closer to understanding the author's idea.

    Enjoy your reading!

    Download Little Stories

    Little Stories. Fairy tales, in which your child becomes a main character!-1l0f3du6f18.jpg
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    07-20-2018 04:13 AM
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    Version 1.16.4
    Oh my! We fixed one bug but created a new one. Sorry! Now all bugs are fixed. We are sure for 99%
    08-15-2018 07:48 AM
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    Version 1.16.6
    Text improvements in the descriptions.
    09-07-2018 04:45 PM
  13. Diveo Media's Avatar
    Version 1.18.0
    We have great news for you! We have just added our new fairy tale “A Guest on the Farm.” The tale`s author is Dale Neal. He lives in Great Britain. He used to write poems earlier but he decided to perform as a prose writer for the first time in our app. And we have to admit he has achieved a success now! This tale will teach kids on how to provide a mutual support to each other.

    The illustrations were created by Liumin Zhang. She is originally from China. It is her second tale in Little Stories. Her brisk style was a perfect match for a fruity theme.

    The music was composed by Artyom Akmulin. His works are great and new ones are getting better and better. When listening to his music you are guaranteed to have shivers all over your body.

    Enjoy your reading!
    Little Stories. Fairy tales, in which your child becomes a main character!-cf7stxjqwgc.jpg
    10-31-2018 12:21 PM
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