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    Hello, iMore!

    Jablonski's Dictionary of Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations is now available for only $ 29.99 $ 2.99! Get it now on the App Store!

    Medical acronyms and abbreviations offer convenience but can be confusing and difficult to decode. That makes this dictionary, with thousands of acronyms and abbreviations from all medical specialties, a must-have reference. Its alphabetical arrangement makes finding any abbreviation a snap, and a special section provides extensive coverage of symbols of all kinds. Abbreviations on the JCAHO "Do not use" list are clearly identified. This dictionary is ideal for medical transcriptionists, students, and health professionals at all stages of their careers.

    A search tool
    Featuring various search options to help you find the words you need more easily, including:

    * A quick search of words while you type
    * A ‘fuzzy filter’ when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word
    * A ‘keyword’ search for finding key words within compound words
    * A wild card search facility which can replace a letter or a group of letters

    A learning tool
    The app includes a number of features which help you to grow your vocabulary further:

    * A ‘Favorites’ feature allows you to create your own categories and lists of words from the extensive library, which includes all cross-curriculum words
    * Your last visited words are all saved in your ‘History’, so that you can quickly look back at recently checked words
    * Discover more about language with the special ‘Daily’ feature
    * "Flashcards" to give you the opportunity to use newly learnt words

    We look forward to your comments!

    Thank you!

    04-17-2015 01:38 AM
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    I need to tell my daughter about this--since the price is so cheap.
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    04-17-2015 07:01 AM
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    Thanks for sharing another great medical app! And good luck with it!

    Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5. ☮
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    04-17-2015 07:20 AM
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    Thanks for sharing another nice app with iMore. Good luck.
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    05-07-2015 10:54 PM

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