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    Supply Mania is about delivering products to required places under any kind of circumstances. Supply Mania doesn't care about any weather conditions, hardships and difficult paths. In this particular title . Player has to deliver a generator at radio station which is situated at top of the hill.
    Cause of heavy blizzards, storms and lightning strikes on radio station pole. They lost power suddenly. The guy at radio station calls Supply Mania office and requested immediate supply of big generator in order to come back live on station. Now Supply Mania comes into the scene and sends its highly skilled driver in thunderstorm in order to deliver the generator. Player will drive a tractor which is turbo charged specifically for this job.

    BGI turbocharger is installed in a high compression tractors engine.
    RealTime physics system is used.
    Thunderstorm effects are used.
    Difficult ways
    Smoke and mist simulations
    Tow truck physics
    Heavy load balancing
    Boost button functionality
    Simulation of real sound effects

    Apple Link:-

    Laser Box - Puzzle by Eugene Dmitriev
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