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    So my office provided me with a iPad Air, and I was wondering if there is some tips and tricks threads/on the device/latest version of IOS that you can recommend.

    (I'm all Android in my personal life and my experience with IOS is with the kids iPod, and I like to understand the technology i use to maximize my experience/usage)

    Thanks for your help.

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    04-01-2015 11:43 PM
  2. Evilguppy's Avatar
    One of the things I missed the most about Android was the ability to create shortcuts.
    I just discovered this:

    Access any website from your browser.
    Click the box with the upward arrow in the upper right corner, and voil: Shortcut.
    Then if you want you can put the icon in a folder.

    Actually, now that I 'm thinking of it: Go to youtube, type "iPad Air tips and tricks" in the search bar, you'll get tons of tutorials.
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    04-01-2015 11:54 PM

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