1. TRWaller's Avatar
    Hi Guys,
    I've bought a new Ipad Air 2 a few months back, since the beginning I've been very happy, it is just one problem that I have, which I have not seen on any other thread.
    If my Ipad is on charge my ipad just totally slows down when I'm trying to use it, even to such an extent that I will sometimes have to touch an app 2 or 3 times before t actually launches, but as soon as I take it off charge it is as good as new again.
    Anyone else facing this same problem or does anyone know how I can over come this problem?
    Thanks for your assistance.

    03-12-2015 02:17 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I do not have an iPad Air 2, but I've never experienced anything like that on any of the Apple products I've owned over the years. If it were me, I'd make a genius bar appointment with the nearest Apple Store, and have them diagnose the problem.
    03-12-2015 07:30 AM
  3. zebulun12's Avatar
    I've had my iPad air 2 since December and I'm always using it while it is charging. I've never had it slow down while charging. Yea get that looked at.
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    03-16-2015 10:00 AM
  4. Closingracer's Avatar
    I had my iPad Air 2 since October and never had this issue as well

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    03-17-2015 08:20 AM
  5. Nsquirrel's Avatar
    Perhaps your iPad is doing a backup to the iCloud? Mine does this when charging.
    03-22-2015 04:14 AM
  6. phreddyl's Avatar
    Are you using it with the charger and brick that came with it? If you use the iPhone brick it's very slow.

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    03-22-2015 07:43 AM
  7. John Crist's Avatar
    Are you using it with the charger and brick that came with it? If you use the iPhone brick it's very slow.
    I think he's talking about it's operation more than it's charging speed. OP, of course, please let me know if I'm wrong.

    I don't yet own an Air 2 either but from what I understand while it's charging it is listening for the Hey Siri hotword, so it's possible that this 'subroutine' has gone astray? That's about the only thing I can think of.

    Have you attempted to reinstall the OS on the device? If you have, was the result the same? Could save you a Genius Bar trip.
    04-07-2015 08:44 PM
  8. Alpha Anderson's Avatar
    I have the identical problem. Something to do with the touch screen when charging.
    09-09-2015 03:03 PM
  9. Evilguppy's Avatar
    I had that issue ONCE: Did a soft reset and it fixed the problem, never had that happen again since.
    09-09-2015 06:32 PM
  10. lezleeincreede's Avatar
    Hey Terrence
    This. Is my first timme on this forum, so I don't have an answer,, buutttIdo have some things that I wanted to check wiith you. I am charging whiile I am. Typing. And it either puts in additional characters or doesnt respond. Touchscreen is a mess,
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    01-07-2017 05:37 PM
  11. lezleeincreede's Avatar
    Hey sorry, I got cut off. Did thishappen afftert yyou insttalled IOS 10? Dou have a glass screensaver?
    I am becomming vERY irrritated wit this problem. If you. Do find a solution, please post it and I will do te same. Good luck!
    01-07-2017 05:44 PM
  12. RHChan84's Avatar
    Sounds like you are performing a backup when it's plugged in.

    Disconnect from WiFi, plug it in, use the iPad and see if its slow. If it's slow then there's something else going on and maybe a soft or hard reset is needed. If it isn't slow then something is backing up.
    01-17-2017 10:32 PM
  13. wiecs's Avatar
    Hey, i have the same problem with my iPad Air 2 and I use mine every night mainly for school work. If anyone knows what's wrong or how to fix it I would love to know.
    01-26-2017 05:58 AM
  14. sparksd's Avatar
    Can you use an app like System Status to at least look at CPU loading when plugged in? That would at least give an indicator that something is running and causing heavy CPU load.
    02-01-2017 07:39 AM
  15. Clk666's Avatar
    I had the same problem, tried reset and restore.....no change, Tried reset and set up as new iPad....no change. IPad was even slow when putting in the new details after a reset so nothing to do with iCloud back up. I had been using this to charge my devices ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/...mUvbUpU2909977 ) but as a final thought I tried my original Apple charger and BOOM....Fixed!. Apparently my iPad Air 2 doesn't like different chargers?
    03-09-2017 04:19 AM

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