1. candy84's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for your replies. My space gray came in and I tried to swap it out at the store before opening it for a white and they didn't have any left of the iPads in 32 gb white or space gray in my area. I decided to keep the space gray. After a day with it I really do love it. I don't think I regret not getting the white either. Next time I'll definitely try and branch out and maybe switch colors. For now I am in love with this iPad!!!
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    12-07-2013 11:13 PM
  2. BenitoC's Avatar
    Congrats on your iPad Air it really is an incredible device.
    12-10-2013 05:25 AM
  3. tduffysd's Avatar
    As my delivery date for my ipad air approaches, I am starting to really doubt my color choice.
    I ordered the space gray, but I am really contemplating if I should have gone with the white instead.
    I stopped by my local best buy today and was drawn to the white one instantly.
    However the only thing I donít like...well hate, is the little black border around the screen.
    For some reason I seem to really focus in on it and can't seem to ignore it.
    The rest of the device is just stunning in the white. I have never had a white device and this would be a nice change.

    So my question is, does that black border bother you? Do you end up getting used to it?

    never noticed it until you mentioned it
    12-10-2013 03:42 PM
  4. j_benj's Avatar
    Doesn't bother me at all. Had a white iPad 3, mini and now the Air. Never been an issue.
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    12-17-2013 07:17 AM
  5. Redshirt's Avatar
    I usually go for the black/darker version so I have a larger black bezel while watching videos and the like. I find it more distracting having a big white border than a big black border. You'll see this in TV's too (how many TV's are out there with big white borders?).
    12-18-2013 10:12 AM
  6. kimc5555's Avatar
    Same here, I have a White iPhone 5s and I just got the iPad Air in white (my first iPad and so far loving it), and I haven't noticed the border at all!
    12-18-2013 01:48 PM
  7. anon(52425)'s Avatar
    Attachment 43786

    See the black border between the screen and the start of the bezel?
    12-22-2013 08:38 PM
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