1. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    That is for my niece who I let use my iPad

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    1.4 gb for your niece to play? That's why you run out of space.
    08-23-2015 08:10 PM
  2. Closingracer's Avatar
    1.4 gb for your niece to play? That's why you run out of space.
    Because of 1.5 GB of 113GB? I have like 10 GB dedicated to "other"

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    08-23-2015 08:12 PM
  3. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I would love more storage. I am addicted to The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey, and would love them on my iPad, along with some BBC sitcoms that I just LOVE.
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    08-24-2015 10:00 AM
  4. Evilguppy's Avatar
    Yep, QB, I'm right there with you, lol.
    You can never have too much storage.
    I'm a Tudors and Criminal Minds freak, hehehe...
    I also have several very large apps pertaining to work and teaching, I have a zillion humongous books, dozens of files (student tests, environmental studies work stuff etc), work related videos, enough music to choke an orchestra and god knows what else.
    I might be considered an iPad hoarder, lol.
    256 GB???
    09-01-2015 11:05 AM
  5. Dan Marinescu's Avatar
    would buy it right away!
    12-12-2015 01:19 AM
  6. peraman77's Avatar
    I could use more storage myself. It would be nice to have more storage options
    01-05-2016 05:52 PM
  7. dj2big's Avatar
    I think it's time for Apple to catch up with the times and use more RAM and faster processors plus more storage and top of the line screens
    01-11-2016 04:21 PM
  8. dj2big's Avatar
    Till then they still have my money LOL! iOS experience is just flawless
    01-11-2016 04:21 PM
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