1. Davyo's Avatar
    I currently have an ipad 2 and love the cool color tone of the screen,, when the ipad 3 retina display came out I got one on day one and exchanged it fot two more as each ipad 3 has like a warm (yellowish) tint to the screens compared to my ipad 2,,,,, I then gave up on the 3 and stuck with my ipad 2.

    The Apple store blamed it on the glue in the screen substrates not being total dry or cured.

    Does the retina display of the ipad 4 also have that warm tint cast to it as well ?

    I've seen other mentions online of the warm tint on the ipad 3 but no mentions of the warm cast on the ipad 4,,,, does this mean Apple fixed the issue or is the warm cast just a common thing with the retina display ?

    Short of me taking my ipad 2 into a store and doing a side by side comparison does anyone have the answer.

    Even my Nexus 10 tablet has a warmer tone than my ipad 2.

    I just prefer a more cooler display tone than a yellowish warm tone.

    Thanks in advance.

    06-29-2013 01:16 AM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    My ipad 4 is cool not yellow at all

    Sent from my iPhone 5 from a galaxy far far away (in the USA ) using Tapatalk !
    06-29-2013 01:19 AM
  3. nitinparmar1985's Avatar
    Cool white here....

    we have two at home and no issues
    07-02-2013 09:25 AM
  4. taz323's Avatar
    Cool, white, and crystal clear
    07-05-2013 09:15 PM

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