1. PhyscoAssassinX's Avatar
    So i have an Verizon iPad 3 (LTE Running 6.1.3) and i've tried to play Tetris Blitz & Simpsons Tap out but everytime i try to open the game's they open for about 5 seconds then close and take me to the desktop. i've tried rebooting the ipad & no go, ive tried to uninstall, reboot ipad then install via (mac)itunes and still a no go then i tried another reboot and nothing. anyone have advice on getting these games to run?
    05-24-2013 11:48 AM
  2. natasftw's Avatar
    Start by asking a friend to install the same apps and see if they're working fine on their device.

    You're on an iPad. There's no such thing as a desktop :P
    05-24-2013 01:54 PM

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