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    I waited for a yet larger iPad to come out as I wrongly imagined that the screen size would be an issue for me as my reading vision is not great. To the contrary, the polarized screen and super high res makes reading with the iPad held very close to my nearsighted eyes a joy to use! None of the assorted visual artifacts of an old guy's eyes are in play when I use my iPad. It has returned reading to my nightly life and for anyone with visual issues, I can heartily recommend that they try an iPad and see if it makes a difference to them. To make this abundantly clear how much better this screen is compared to other options, my several desktop machines use 30 inch screens and they are the best of their breed but they cannot compare to using the Retina Display..Enough said...recommend it to those that need it and not only to those that want it!
    10-22-2012 06:26 PM

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