1. infante's Avatar
    Hi All,
    just replaced the screen on my ipad2 and everything seemed to go well but when trying to turn on, everything is dead. So not sure whether I messed up the lcd in the process or whether I received a faulty screen.

    Can someone tell me if there is an easy test to check the lcd?
    and if the screen is bad would that cause it to not do anything? i would think that it would turn on just the touchscreen would not function??

    thanks in advance!
    07-25-2012 05:39 PM
  2. mikells43's Avatar
    check you're connections and everything.... i know i hate doing those screens. if u bought on ebay from a fly by night place chances are it may be bad also. did you test plug it into the board before you put it all the way in? i hate replacing screens on anything cause they never seem to be right after that. including digitizer glass too.. good luck man..
    07-26-2012 08:13 PM