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  1. alexander__ekin's Avatar
    Can use multitasking gestures on iOS 4.3.1? I want update my ipad 2 to 4.3.1 but affraid cant use multitasking gesture on iOS 4.3.1. Any issue on 4.3.1. Which better 4.3 or 4.3.1? Thanks for answer
    04-04-2011 03:51 AM
  2. dandbj13's Avatar
    Yes. No issues.
    04-04-2011 07:42 AM
  3. alexander__ekin's Avatar
    Yes. No issues.
    Thanks man i will update to 4.3.1
    04-04-2011 08:29 AM
  4. alexander__ekin's Avatar
    Done update to 4.3.1 and my multitasking gesture working fine with xcode 4

    Uploaded with

    very fast and eficient
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    04-04-2011 12:03 PM
  5. ProjMob_Chris's Avatar
    It's really tough to imagine using an iPad without the gestures. I've become so efficient with them.
    04-05-2011 08:41 PM