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    As one who has been plagued with an issue when posting attached links (.jpg), I 'may' have totally inadvertently stumbled over at least part of the cause.....maybe

    In the daytime I usually read & post from my phone -iPhone 8Plus, iOS up to date, relatively new- Evenings ( & any time of year, dark happens near the equator by 6 PM,) I'm more likely to use my iPad, for print size and easier on the eyes. - Mini4, also up to date, but relatively old as I got it shortly after release. Thus many of my broken link attempts originate there.. I will be the first to admit that though my iPad ( and my wife's iPad Air2) are workhorses, they are a bit 'long in the tooth' and have their glitchy moments - as opposed to the phones which rarely complain. I've also found that although the browser entry is great for reading ( and in times when the Native iMore App &/ or Tapatalk have tantrums) , I doesn't seem to handle attachments well or consistently.
    Your thoughts? Particularly if you occasionally have 'broken link syndrome' frequently.
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    01-06-2021 07:15 AM
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    I have always used Tapatalk on my mobile devices to access the forums.

    I noticed that sometimes embedded images in posts will not load.

    I have yet to find something common to all the cases I’ve seen that trigger this behaviour. So far, all I come up with is:
    * Image format; and/or
    * Hosting provider
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    01-06-2021 08:27 AM
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    I gave up on Tapatalk along time ago for this very reason.
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    Tapatalk has been my go-to because it's neat & clean with its presentation. But I at times have had to go to the Native when Tapatalk has a hissyfit and decides out of the blue to sign me out and refuses to let me back in, just as suddenly all is ok again. The Native iMore rarely does that. The browser version is a different story as I find its not intuitive at all to navigate- so I only use it if all else fails and I'm starting in a good mood to begin with. It reminds me constantly that if I stay away from it I quickly forget my way around its presentation. And I've never successfully posted anything, attachments or not, not for lack of trying.
    Take care and thanks again for you help early in my 'broken-link' debacle.
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