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    12-31-2019 06:15 AM
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    Thanks, all. Looks like Calalarm is doing the trick for now. Will see how it goes!
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    12-31-2019 06:47 AM
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    Local emergency alerts.
    Do Not Disturb will not block Emergency and Amber alerts as long as you have those toggled on in Settings.
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    12-31-2019 07:51 AM
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    How does one allow calls from the local area that notify of natural disasters, local violence, etc. that depend on one's location?
    You can customize to let anyone’s call to come through.

    Emergency Alerts are different. They are located under Notifications and can be disabled there.

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    12-31-2019 10:08 PM
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    Thanks! That's exactly what I meant.
    12-31-2019 10:09 PM
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