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    For an old schooler, I gotta say that those who think and often say - 'it was better before.........' I must add my two bits.....Many of the newer generation apps available today are so much better than their counterparts from even 2 -3 years ago. In my limited use of iOS I 'used to' believe that 'Apple only' software was the way to go but in the last while, simply looking around in several areas ( my personal research often leading me to trials ( before I go 'AdFree') of a few new generation email clients and weather apps. IMHO Apple has a lot of catching up to do with many of its offerings, but 2 cases come strongly to mind - 'Spark Email' and in a totally different sphere, 'Hello Weather'...... Do a bit of research, maybe a trial, and day to day use of iOS will surely get better and better. And as one who has earned the 'Badge of Age' ( 66 next Nov) I'll confidently say that when iOS 12 is released, the good things will be better still.....
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    Well stated, sir....
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