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    iOS 11.1 update for the iPhone packs few new features along with a lot of performance and optimization fixes. It also coincides with the iPhone X release. In the video below, I walk you through some of the new features in iOS 11.1 update.

    The following new features are available in iOS 11.1 update.

    3D touch app switcher
    Yep, the 3D touch app switcher is back in iOS 11.1. I missed this a lot in the iOS 11 and glad that Apple brought back this useful feature in iOS 11.1. Just hard press on the left edge of your iPhone and that will reveal the app switcher. You can also hard press and quickly swipe right to go back and forth between the last 2 apps.

    What's new with the iOS 11.1 update-3d-app-switcher.jpg

    Countdown sound in Emergency SOS settings
    Along with the countdown timer, you can enable a countdown warning sound when the SOS setting is counting down to call the emergency services.

    What's new with the iOS 11.1 update-sos-countdown-timer.jpg

    You can configure this under Settings->Emergency SOS

    69+ new emojis
    iOS 11.1 packs tons of new emojis. All of the new emojis are part of the Emoji 5 release which was announced in March 2017.

    What's new with the iOS 11.1 update-ios11-1-emojis.jpg

    Below are some of my favorite ones:
    - Face with raised eyebrow
    - Face vomitting
    - Exploding head
    - Vampire
    - Fairy
    - Merperson
    - Zombie
    - Genie

    Reachability and other bugs fixed
    Along with the new features, Apple has also fixed few bugs with the reachability feature. For example, when you are in the reachability mode, you can open the notification panel just by swiping the empty area instead of swiping from the top.

    Another bug that is fixed in iOS 11.1 is that if you unlock your phone in the landscape mode, the home screen switches to landscape mode immediately without having to swipe again to force it to switch to landscape mode.

    What's new with the iOS 11.1 update-lockscreen-home-rotation.jpg

    What're your thoughts on iOS 11.1 update

    At the time of recording this video, I have the iOS 11.1 developer beta 5 installed which is the Gold Master (GM) build of the iOS 11.1.

    Let me know how you like the iOS 11.1 upgrade in the comments below.

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    10-24-2017 10:20 AM
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    The return of force touch is what I'm eagerly waiting for!

    Thanks for sharing.
    digitalbreak likes this.
    10-25-2017 06:17 PM

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