1. IuliaGz's Avatar
    does the size really matter?
    06-21-2017 05:03 PM
  2. Tartarus's Avatar
    Yes. I totally think that size matters.
    The non-Plus iPhones feel so small in my hand now.
    I’d never go back.
    06-21-2017 05:34 PM
  3. TripleOne's Avatar
    Plus all the way!
    06-21-2017 05:55 PM
  4. syphix's Avatar
    There’s more to the plus than just size. Dual cameras, 1 more gig of RAM, & bigger battery.

    However, that said, I prefer to have a smaller phone as my daily driver, and leave my bigger screens to iPads and Android tablets. And I’m loving my regular sized iPhone 7.
    06-21-2017 06:12 PM
  5. BoneCollecter's Avatar
    For me Plus iPhone is the best, it has more features than the regular 4.7 iPhone, Dual camera,1080p display,longer battery life which is more important for me,
    I think plus iPhone is best smartphone to carry if you have fairly large hands.
    06-22-2017 08:32 AM
  6. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Size matters to me. With my 6s Plus, I see things better. It also makes doing photoshop edits easier. No problems related to size at all.
    06-22-2017 09:28 AM
  7. bigtruck1369's Avatar
    I've had a 6 since they were released, and we recently picked up a used 6+ (from a failing 5s) for my wife. I've been perfectly fine with the screen size on my phone, until she got hers. I'm now sold on the screen size and find that grippability, pocketability, and anything-ability is not an issue with the big one.
    06-23-2017 10:04 AM
  8. libra89's Avatar
    Size always matters when it comes to a phone you will be using daily.
    06-23-2017 11:49 AM
  9. cwbcpa's Avatar
    It absolutely matters, but which way you land is different for each person. I have been using big phones since before Apple made it cool and people used to laugh at me and my Note 2. Or as many people called it, my iPad. I don't want to go back to a small screen. Then other people like one handed use and have zero interest in a big phone. So it matters, but there isn't one correct answer for everyone. Use what works for you.
    libra89 likes this.
    06-23-2017 12:10 PM
  10. Matty's Avatar
    does the size really matter?
    As many other have said, size definitely plays a vital role in how you use your device. 😃 The Plus size model is definitely aimed at media consumption. Having a bigger battery and higher resolution display helps a lot with watching videos and playing games.

    The regular size version is aimed more at portability. Still providing a nice display but not as high rez. All depends on what you want.
    libra89 likes this.
    06-23-2017 02:21 PM
  11. Janie2424's Avatar
    I want an iphone and your comments really do help. Thank you x
    06-25-2017 05:41 AM
  12. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    I’ve been a Plus user ever since the day the 6 Plus launched. I love the larger screen real estate. The smaller devices are more pocketable but I rarely have an issue finding somewhere to put my Plus.

    If you’re torn between the two sizes go to a store that carries both and have actual working models on display, and spend a few minutes with both. If you get the Plus and hate it there’s always a return period (just make sure whomever you’re buying from doesn’t have a restocking fee).
    06-25-2017 06:32 AM
  13. anon(10263893)'s Avatar
    iPhone plus looks great ... to me more appealing
    06-25-2017 07:04 AM
  14. Jezza23's Avatar
    I've got the 5 and it definitely feels tiny! Though it's extremely easy to carry around even in my small pockets
    06-25-2017 10:46 AM
  15. dmoskaluk's Avatar
    I replaced my 6 with a 7Plus a week ago, as my eyes 'just aren't what they used to be ' and in truth, neither are my fingers so the bigger size is a win-win that way. I'm still getting used to the size in my hand and that I have to keep it away from my shirt-pocket. Fortunately 99.99 % of the time I wear cargo-type shorts with the extra lower pocket on both sides so there's no chance of loose change or keys in the upper pockets damaging the phone. I use a tempered glass protector on the screen and a Belkin clear 'Sheer-Force' case so it's reasonably safe but am considering an Ottorbox folio type case to go all round, although I hate hiding the gloss black finish on the phone... But all in all for the Plus size.
    My wife has used a 6plus since they came out, which is how I saw that it was so much easier on my eyes and adapted so well to the SwiftKey keyboard much better than my former iPhone 6...
    Just_Me_D likes this.
    06-25-2017 02:09 PM
  16. dexterouz's Avatar
    I like iPhone 7 size for the ease of use from one hand operation point of view.
    But I know the plus points of the Plus variant and it's more likely that I will choose plus.
    06-26-2017 09:39 AM
  17. nani320's Avatar
    does the size really matter?
    Tbh, it really doesn't matter. It all depends on your hand size. What are you most comfortable with,especially when texting.
    06-26-2017 10:42 AM
  18. nani320's Avatar
    If I had the choice to pick between Iphone 7 or Plus 7, I would choose just the 7. My hands are just small and there perfect size for the iphone size.
    06-26-2017 11:55 AM
  19. badelhas's Avatar
    For Ergonomics, the non plus. For screen estate, the plus of course
    06-26-2017 12:00 PM

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