1. jayweiss's Avatar
    It appears that Apple has not only discontinued support for PPTP VPN connections FROM iOS devices in iOS 10, but is now not allowing PPTP VPN passthrough as well.

    I have had to use an "Android" phone or third party hotspot device to connect to these customer networks. In some cases I have been able to connect to the network using their firewall device instead of a VPN server on the network.

    I understand that Apple want to make us more secure, but preventing PPTP passthrough and not allowing an override to allow it is very disruptive. It also gives "Android" phone/tablet users bragging rights for a short while.

    Anyone know how to get around this?

    (Update: Apple support confirmed that this is so)
    04-06-2017 12:45 PM
  2. C6TX6's Avatar
    Noticed this last year with iOS 10. There is a reason for it. Many firewalls and routers are no longer supporting GRE as well.
    We've been selling a lot of SSL VPN devices and I recommend anyone still using PPTP consider the same. The encryption is far too weak for today's use.

    Don't know of any workarounds. Surprised that Google hasn't moved in this direction as well as they are serious about security.
    04-06-2017 03:00 PM

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