1. donawalt's Avatar
    I am really struggling with Finer searching, I hope someone can help!

    It started with this, I have a folder of about 200 MS Word documents. I never seem to have luck searching for text in the documents. Today, as a test, I found a document that had a phrase "old world regard". So anything I search for, it does not find. Even if I search for old, regard, etc. it does not find it. I made sure the tab at the top was pointed to this folder.

    Then as a test, IO created a sub folder Test, went to it, and searched again,. Still no luck! That phrase happens to be highlighted, so I tried another word in the document that was not highlighted - still no luck.

    I tried in Preferences adding the folder to the list to not index it, then removing it so it would be re-indexed. I made sure Location Services was on for Spotlight (not sure why).

    I have to be doing something wrong, are Microsoft Word documents supported? I couldn't tell by searching Google.

    03-21-2017 03:47 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I have a document saved to my iCloud Drive that was created with the Pages app on my iPhone. This particular document contains the words "forum conversations". I did a Spotlight search from the main home screen and sure enough, it listed the file containing those words. Having said that, are your files saved to your iCloud Drive? If so, is the toggle next to iCloud Drive enabled in the Spotlight search settings?
    03-21-2017 05:03 PM
  3. donawalt's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply Just_me_d, my file is in Dropbox but it looks like a folder on the Mac. And everything is toggled on in Spotlight Search settings....
    03-21-2017 08:12 PM

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