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    I've recently downgraded from an iOS 10.2.X beta to iOS 10.1.1 on my iPhone 7 (128GB) and noticed that my lock screen notification content is hidden. I don't see an option under settings (or anywhere else) to change this to show on the lock screen like earlier. This is also an issue only for 3rd party apps and not the native Apple apps (reminders, calendar, etc.) which show content on the lock screen. I had a quick look on the Apple forum and someone else had the same issue on iOS 10.1.1 (iPhone 6s)

    I'd like to have the option of choosing to show or hide notification previews on the lock screen, even if I can't do it on a per app basis. I'm sure there is a setting somewhere as notification previews use to show on iOS 10.2 beta.

    Any help appreciated.


    PS: I'm aware that a iOS 10.2 stable build is out by choose to stay on 10.1.1

    PPS: Also, I've noticed there are iOS 10.1.1 ipsw files available for the iPhone 7 in two models (iPhone 9,1 and iPhone 9,3). Can someone tell me the difference in the two and is this a reason?

    iPhone 7 Notification Preview Blocked-1910411f-eb7b-4a1e-9bc2-87b62800d549.jpg
    12-19-2016 01:18 AM
  2. FPS Myth's Avatar
    Im the guy who made the post you replied to with this link and had the same problem, i found a way to fix this by reseting my settings in General then sroll all the way down to Reset then select Reset All Settings, it will fix it and you dont lose anything but your Wifi passwords, lol.
    12-19-2016 02:39 AM
  3. darius_robin's Avatar
    Try: Settings > Notifications > Click on desired app > Show on Lock Screen. Not sure if it works, but try.
    12-19-2016 02:46 AM
  4. FPS Myth's Avatar
    i tried that but nothing works unless you reset your phone settings.
    12-19-2016 03:22 AM
  5. sid1907's Avatar
    Yup, resetting the phone settings did the trick for me. A couple of guys on reddit also said this was the only way.

    A rather odd problem!

    12-20-2016 12:39 AM

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