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    I tried to use Family Sharing today so our son could access shows we purchase on Apple TV with my iTunes account. He uses my wife's. Sharing that content worked--but with the unwanted consequence of pushing my entire, large iCloud Photo Library to his iPad and my wife's iPhone and iPad.

    Good news: I turned it off on my iPhone and their devices, and the unwanted photos disappeared.

    Bad news: Ever since, my iPhone now is continually trying to re-upload its entirely (7,000 plus) photo Library to iCloud. Resetting or powering the phone made no difference. At one point, it decided there were only 49 photos left, and then it went back to showing the full number of the library uploading.

    Any ideas!?

    12-10-2016 04:36 PM
  2. MikeElmendorf's Avatar
    Well, after several hours it finally, hopefully seems to have sorted itself out. Another iOS mystery.
    12-10-2016 07:58 PM