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    Hello'' I'm a new iOS user as I just received an iphone 6S for business purpose since few weeks. After I setup the phone few weeks ago and checking e-mails with the default mail app I was able to perform several actions just by pushing for a second the attachment (i.e. upload on cloud service).
    After the upgrade to iOS 10.1.1 I only have the options called "mail" (to create a new mail with the attachment) or send to print.
    I don't see other options for icloud, google drive or i.e. if it could be possible to save the attachment in the phone or edit the attachment with any office application.
    Please, do you have any suggestion? Do I need to enable anything for the "quick actions" or is a bug of the new upgrade? Thanks
    12-03-2016 02:46 AM
  2. mumfoau's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore, MrKappa!

    When you long press on the attachment and the options for print etc come up, slide over and select more. From there you should be able to turn on adding to iCloud Drive.

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    12-03-2016 06:39 AM
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    Hello' mumfoau,
    Many thanks for your reply.
    I post here some pictures. Basically if I go for the other options as you can see the "activities" list is almost empty with only mail and quick look options. But I have many other applications which should interact with mail as icloud, file browser, google drive etc.
    If I go on each application settings I don't see any function to enable this functionality.
    Where shall I enable the other functions?

    Save attachments from mail on iOS 10.1.1-img_20161203_143729.jpgSave attachments from mail on iOS 10.1.1-img_20161203_144228.jpg
    12-03-2016 07:54 AM
  4. MrKappa's Avatar
    PS: if the attachment is a picture I can see all options as you showed. Instead my problem is related to office files as excel, word etc.

    PS: In the afternoon I have tested other third party mail apps and they are fine, I have several sharing options. So the problem is only for the stock mail application in iOs.
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    12-03-2016 08:13 AM