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    So here is the deal, I like to edit a picture and include my contact email on it before setting as a lock screen wallpaper, this way if I loose my phone it will be ease to get in touch with me. But I also enjoy having a Live Photo at the lock screen and editing a Live Photo picture to add my contact will automatically “kill” it. But for two times already I run into a bug that allowed me to have 3 wallpapers set on my phone simultaneously. I have this nice Live Photo picture of a jelly fish tank that I made a still image copy and added my contact, for some reason while swapping between the still image and the live photo I ended up having the still image with my contact showing on my lock screen but if I force press the lock screen the live photo will show up! I really don’t know what triggered the bug and was able to reproduce it twice already, right now it is not “working”. I keep swapping between the still image and the live photo to my lock screen but end up with one or another. I noticed that when the bug is triggered the spinning wheel will show up after selecting the live photo for my lock screen and the phone goes black as it is resenting it self, at the end my still image is shown on the lock screen but force pressing it triggers the live photo. Trying to reproduce the bug but if the spinning wheel and the quick reset does not happen the bug won’t “work”. Will keep on trying to reproduce the nice misbehavior here and post a video of it working, maybe even figure out what will trigger it. As I said my still image was a copy of the live photo and sent know if that has anything to do with the bug, really hard to do additional testing when I can not consistently reproduce it.
    Running iOS 10 public beta 4 on an iPhone 7 Plus.
    10-18-2016 11:26 AM

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