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    I've seen it posted many places but I've always found the way "experienced" techies advise newbies kinda frustrating.
    Nonetheless, I just thought I would share my experience from the info I found to what seemed to work for me.

    So for starters I dropped my iPhone 6 in water & now my WiFi/Bluetooth module & home button are non-functioning. *Still have Touch ID function*

    Those issues alone are big reasons for me to state in advance (something that's repeatedly pounded in heads across
    the inter-web by those with more know how than I) if you are the faint of heart type go get a repair done or just go get a new device. The OS was not built with a fallback for hardware malfunctions & how the code deals with these issues. I consistently find myself staring at a black screen with an Apple logo for hours away from my laptop with a device freaking out trying to use code to activate hardware that's just not functioning anymore. Even when inside the OS certain things just don't have that iPhone level of stability (no pun intended).


    This is my Update story.

    So I like quite a bit of others tried to update as soon as iOS 10 released. Again, my WiFi module is disabled (if you've never seen nor dealt with dis issue simply your WiFi icon in the control center turns black/grey & in settings you cant turn it on) so I couldn't update in the way that seemed to be causing so many people issues. I was already on 9.3.5 (thought about jail-breaking but this is my main day to day phone so i opted out) so I turned Find my iPhone off, Opened up my newly updated iTunes, plugged in my device and created a Back Up, then proceeded to update. Phone updates & I'm presented with the dreaded "Press home to upgrade" screen. I had Assistive Touch enabled on 9.3.5 but no carry over. I searched every site possible, being told to swipe left, right, up, down... hold the home button down, click it really fast... No Luck... I needed my phone functioning so I found a page detailing the appropriate downgrade process & I was back in the game. But I found my self feeling the new OS blues. So I did more searching and found sites with users commenting the same 3 things: Have Assistive touch enabled, turn off your pass-code, & stop whining, go get your phone repaired or replace (lol). So I said hey, lets try this again but in a way I'd do things...

    So with Assistive Touch already Enabled
    *Make sure your Assistive Touch menu has Home/Device/Multitasking*
    I deactivated Find My iPhone, Turned Off Key-chain
    Turned off my pass-code (which turns off Touch ID, if not, turn it off)
    Made Sure I had no pass-code
    *My iTunes shuts down when I try doing iPhone stuff* (lol)
    So i start iTunes in safe-mode (Hold Ctrl +shift & click iTunes icon to open)
    Plug in my iPhone then create a backup
    Then I unencrypt my backup (which automatically backs it up)
    did another backup (now unencrypted) & click update button

    Once the phone cuts back on & your at the press home to update screen
    You should have your Assistive Touch button on screen
    *For those who have said/read plug your phone into iTunes after updating & you would see
    accessibility options for Assistive Touch, never saw it, dis is the only way I've
    gotten the Assistive touch button to be on screen after update*

    I open Assistive Touch & press home & I don't know if Its lag
    Or an unrecognized button press but nothing happened
    So dis is how I proceeded:

    I tapped the home button 3 times
    This activated "voice-over" (all by accident or circumstance)
    *I was lost as hell until i figured out
    you have to open assistive touch
    then press the icon you want to use 1st
    then double tap it to maneuver*

    So I open Assistive Touch
    Press home, then double tap it
    My screen flashes the home screen
    Then black, then white, then back to the
    Press home to upgrade screen
    I do it again, double tapping onscreen home button
    but as it flashes home screen
    i double tap multitasking
    It gives me the multitasking screen
    I double tap home
    It flashes black then gets stuck
    on an all white screen
    I Open Assistive touch
    & triple tap home
    The screen flashes then
    "Your update was successful or completed" shows on screen
    I go through a few setup options (skipped most)
    & I'm on the home screen, successfully updated to iOS 10.0.2

    *1st Thread by the way so bare with me*
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    10-15-2016 02:44 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    10-15-2016 04:32 PM
  3. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Welcome to iMore and thank you for the informative post!

    In the future please refrain from posting personal info as it is against Community Rules & Guidelines.
    10-15-2016 04:33 PM

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