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  1. LP Slade's Avatar
    Yesterday my iPhone 6S Plus basically died. It's less than a year old, but for the past few months the battery has been a joke. I had the iOS 10 developer betas on it so I figured that was the reason. So yesterday I was out and had about 60% battery when it just turned off. It's done this before so I thought nothing of it. I tried to turn it back on and it gave me the low battery screen?? So I did a soft reset holding the power and home buttons and it restarted, but then it shut off AGAIN after less than a minute. Repeat. Same thing happened. I did this process a couple of times before I gave up.

    I got home and connected it to the charger and it was working fine. Then I deleted the developer profile and attempted to restore from my last backup. Apparently I did that wrong because I then had to do the reset and restore in recovery mode (after first backing up to iTunes - normally I back up through iCloud, but I was nervous so I wanted a "hard copy" ... mistake!).

    Today the battery is still draining very quickly. I can almost deal with that (though, obviously I'd rather not have to), but what I can't deal with, is that NONE of my activity data from the past few months that I've had an Apple Watch (original series) is on my phone. None of my badges/achievements, etc. None of my data in the Health app was there either. I've since re input my sex, weight, etc., but none of my weigh-ins, none of my calories burned, heart rates, etc.... NOTHING is there. I understand that this is because of the backup through iTunes? I don't think it was encrypted (I knew nothing of this beforehand). I made that mistake and now all of my Health data is gone. Fine. I've come to terms with this. BUT the Activity app on my iPhone has NOTHING in it for today either?? But my Apple Watch does have my stats from today.

    I found people online that reset their iPhones and had similar issues with their Apple Watches so they had to reset their AW also ... so I did, too. This hasn't done anything. I reset it and repaired it and nothing.

    I go to the "Sources" tab of the Health app and it has two Apple Watches listed (identical names), but one says it's no longer paired with this phone and the other just pinwheels forever and ever.

    HOW do I get either my data back or just start fresh with my iPhone receiving the data from my watch?!?!
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    10-13-2016 07:48 AM
  2. LP Slade's Avatar
    In the end I did a complete and total factory reset of both and then restored from my last non-beta iCloud back up (which was in September). So I still lost all of my recent badges, accomplishments, etc., but all of my other activity data up to the date of backup is there and the watch is finally communicating again with my phone. A company like Apple really should be able to figure this out without having to take such drastic measures.
    10-14-2016 08:30 AM
  3. djmuzi's Avatar
    My girlfriend has the same problem with the 6S
    After iOS10 Update is dies even at 74% !! She made today a few photos and it died.

    Funny though I stand beside her and made a few panorama photos mit my older iPhone 6 and hat 81% battery left. My phone died as well! LOL

    Same problem. On heavy tasks the iPhone dies no matter how much energy it hast left. It does not happen every day but you know it happens then, when you are out and need the phone!

    SO what to do??

    Prior to this I did a reinstall with iTunes on my Mac and loaded the latest backup on the phone. Didn't help...
    Next step: set it up as a new iPhone...

    This is too much work but I have to do this. I doubt it will help though....

    I checked the battery with the Apple remote diagnosis service: they are OK: My girlfriends iPhone 6S battery hat 95% overall capacity left, my iPhone 6 has 85%. So iOS 10 ist the evil!
    10-19-2016 11:37 AM

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