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    I'm the guy who tries to use Apple only stock apps, but I use Google's as well for a comparison. I was wonder a few things, first, with the ability to "delete" stock apps, can you assign new ones? Example. Maps. Say I get an address in iMessage and click it open in my maps app, but I've deleted Apple's map, would Google's Map open instead?
    second, any changes to the core apps? I use Apple calendar, but Google's is winning me over with the ability to make an see reminders and adding little pictures of places where I'm going, like a picture of the Starbucks I have a meeting at. Instead of Apple's ugly dot on the map. Mail. I have an @icloud email, but really like how gmail is set up with your profile pic, it just adds personalization in my opinion. Last one, Drive. Google drive is just awesome. Layout is nice and I can add a lot of stuff in it. iCloud is meh.
    06-19-2016 10:19 PM

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