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  1. Tired_Yeti's Avatar
    I have the iPhone 6 Plus. It had iOS 8, I think, when I bought it. I upgraded to 9.02. Since then I've had a few bugs. I think they're related to the iOS.

    1) the pull up screen. The one you pull up from the bottom to access the flashlight, etc. more often then not, it doesn't pull up. Occasionally it does. On my iPhone 5c, I used this all the time so it's a habit I'm accustomed to and a feature I really want working.
    Similar experience? Suggestions?

    2) the other night the phone was on the home screen and I wasn't using any apps, I pushed the side button to lock the phone and when I did, the phone made a digital crunching sound. I was able to duplicate this 4 times in a row and showed my wife what happened (she has the same phone and she said it hasn't happened to her). After switching to silent and then back to ringer, it hasn't happened.
    Any ideas?

    I like the phone but I was happier with iOS 7.x than with 9.

    Because of these bugs, I'm considering updating to iOS 9.1 but I hear that it's buggy too.
    10-28-2015 11:46 AM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    9.0.2 was garbage... update to 9.1
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    10-28-2015 12:09 PM
  3. gordol's Avatar
    1: Update to iOS 9.
    2: You have Lock Sounds enabled.
    10-28-2015 12:13 PM
  4. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. I suggest updating to iOS9.1, this might correct some of the problems your having.....Post often and ENJOY the site
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    10-28-2015 01:06 PM
  5. eyecrispy's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! 9.0.2 was buggy. I'm with the posters above me ... to go 9.1.
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    10-28-2015 01:08 PM
  6. Tired_Yeti's Avatar
    1: Update to iOS 9.
    2: You have Lock Sounds enabled.
    Yes, lock sounds are enabled but it should sound like a 'click' not a crackling crunch noise.
    Last edited by Tired_Yeti; 10-31-2015 at 10:31 PM.
    10-28-2015 01:52 PM
  7. Tired_Yeti's Avatar
    Thanks for the helpful suggestions. FYI for anyone else with the same issues, updating to 9.1 fixed the problem. The flashlight works reliably now.
    10-31-2015 10:31 PM

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