1. sladyrko's Avatar
    Hi! With iOS 9 Apple ruined one of the reasons I choose their ecosystem- easy change of stores. I live in Bulgaria and was really easy to switch to US store and download apps like Iheart radio and Pandora and use it with Vpn. Now there is no NONE option for payment method and they require a US credit/debit card.. So my question is: Does someone knows how to make it without card?
    And is there someone who would change my store for me? I will give him my username password, he will have to add a
    Payment method to change it and after that just to delete the payment option. If someone has the free time and wants to help me - DM.
    10-24-2015 01:24 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I can only *assume* that changes were made to appease various governments and laws. As for seeking assistance and giving complete strangers your Apple ID and passcode in the manner you mentioned is fraudulent and iMore does not condone illegal activity.
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    10-24-2015 03:49 PM

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