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    Hi, I just updated and found extra contacts in my iPhone, they seem to be imported from my FB friends, not my email accounts and were not entered by me.
    Found some interesting problems and I don't know how to report these or find help. Can someone out there help me?
    My problems are;
    - Somehow some (but not all) of my FB friends contact information appeared in my iPhones contacts list, without my action, just was there after the update. Not sure how it decided who should be entered as some are people I've never texted, emailed or FB messaged, but maybe liked a post on FB or wished them happy birthday.... Very weird in the selection of who got added to my phone.... Which isn't FB, I don't need the merge or whatever it was.
    - I cannot delete the contacts I don't want in my phone.
    - I tried to manually add a mobile number to one of these new imported contacts, but it won't let me.
    - I tried to add a cell number to an exsisting contact and I could not select the type of phone number it was, so it defaulted under home and when I delete that it freezes on radio or work???? Then u have to cancel out.
    - I can't find how to remove these unapproved contacts, these new imported contacts as deselecting under "groups" deselected everything and removes all my contacts, including the ones I've had in there that I entered myself.
    - I iMessaged a friend, sent a text through email address, that option I liked, but then she gave me her cell number, I tried to add it, then manually went in and beside the phone number I selected to send a regular text so she could get my cell number... But it sent as an iMessage, not as a regular text. But it did send in its own individual thread. Weird?

    I'm not super tech savy, but I can take instructions very well. I tried to find anything in settings that could help, but found nothing, so I'm now here, looking for help, an explanation, advise, anything to tell me that this is a glitch that may get fixed. How do I report this problem or can someone take my info above and report it for me? I don't know how to help by reporting issues, usually I just live with the issue or wait for it to fix itself, but this one is an issue for me cuz it is restricting me from editing and removing unwanted contacts that I didn't ask for.
    I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem or if I have something wrong with a setting that can be fixed by turning something on or off. I don't know.
    I looked at other reported problems & issues with this upgrade and found nothing pertaining to contacts.
    This is why I'm here.... asking the tech geniuses out there;
    Is this an issue with only my phone?
    What may need to be done to fix it myself?
    how does this get reported so it can be looked at by Apple and fixed.
    Is there a trick I don't know?
    Am I stuck with all these extra contacts until Apple allows me to delete them from my phone contacts list?
    If more info is needed to help me just ask!
    I'd greatly appreciate any help or advise, but please don't tell me to upgrade my phone, this is not an option.
    Thanks so much for all of those who took the time to read this and offer me guidance! Thanks & Take Care!
    10-10-2015 11:02 AM
  2. Kalla13's Avatar
    Thanks, it only showed messenger, so I switched it off and I'm able to disable Facebook under groups in the contacts window. Thanks so much!!!!!
    10-10-2015 11:50 AM

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