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    I'm seriously getting pissed off with Apple! I have not even finished resetting all my apps into folders after doing a clean set up on my BRAND NEW just out of the box 6+ which Apple pretty much thrust into my hands after iOS 8 mysteriously bricked my phone. I was forced to to install iOS 9 when some of my important apps refused to update until iOS 9 was installed. Now, it barely functions because everything is super-slow. App updates take 45 minutes for one single app, and that is if it doesn't error out and make me start over! WTF!?!! I don't have time for bulls#%t!!! Yes I've rebooted multiple times. Any other suggestions other than tying a concrete block to my phone, dropping it in the ocean, and switching teams?
    10-02-2015 07:53 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    The initial setup can take a good deal of time, especially if you have lots of items to sync to the device like mail, photos, video, calendar entries, etcetera. Furthermore, installing apps can take some time because of all of the other stuff that's going on in the background. Still, everyone's mileage may vary. Having said that, I would put the device down for about an hour and then do something else until my anger and frustration subsided. Afterwards, I'd go into each of my iPhone's settings and make changes according to my likes and needs. I'd then make sure that it was connected to my Wi-Fi network and then I'd finished installing any of my previously purchased and important apps. After that, I'd finish tweaking everything to my liking and then call it a night.
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    10-02-2015 08:03 PM

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