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    Hello, I'm trying to remove certain apps from the spotlight search. Like in iOS 7 where you could go to the spotlight settings and remove "apps" so no apps could be searched but i can't find this option in iOS 9.0.1. I've seen the "settings > general > search" on the internet but my iphone 6s doesn't show it, why not?

    Since the other day I forgot my passcode. Had to remove and restore everything, Since then when I go to type a app in the spotlight search it doesn't come up with anything just Wikipedia and Bing searches. It's gone completely and I haven't changed a thing. I just want to deactivate certain apps or at least.all apps from being searched completely from the spotlight like in iOS 7 where you could go to settings > general > spotlight and untick music podcasts apps etc to be completely removed from spotlight. Is this a bug or not been implemented just yet?
    10-01-2015 04:57 AM
  2. daniesy's Avatar
    You should find what you need here:
    Removing apps from spotlight-img_0056.jpg

    iOS 9 has implemented a new and improved search called Spotlight search which indexes apps, websites and others. If it is still not working, try a hard reset or reinstalling the OS...
    10-01-2015 05:50 AM

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