Score a saving on iPad Pro (2021): $100 off at Amazon

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    Often Discover makes "exclusions" for the Cashback offers, like with Apple, when the new stuff comes out, you don't get 5% you get 1% on the new iPhone or iPad. I see nothing mentioned anywhere indicating exclusions. So if you were to load a Discover into your ApplePay, and then use your App to buy your new iPhone (so not preordering on launch night, but waiting til you can do this offer), would you be eligible? When you buy stuff in the AppleStore app, you're using ApplePay on the 6/6+ right?

    Discover Announces Apple Pay Availability and 10% Cashback Bonus® Offer | Business Wire

    I asked on FB and they just said "Discover Hi Amy! We are more than happy to go over the terms of this offer with you. Please chat or call us for help: *Zack"
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    09-10-2015 06:37 PM
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    "Zack at Discover: at 18:46:48
    With the offer we are giving once the Apple Pay is usable with your Discover card, it will count for all purchases made at stores. This will give you an additional 10% Cashback Bonus for the first $10,000 spent with no limitations.

    ME at 18:47:12
    Ok so I have to physically go to the AppleStore to buy it? It only works IN person?

    Zack at Discover: at 18:47:39
    Correct. From what the offer is currently showing it is for purchase made in store physically." do you ApplePay in the AppleStore?
    09-10-2015 06:51 PM
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    Same way you do it in any store. Hold your finger on the home button point the phone at the sales person's reader.
    I bought the new iPod Touch with Apple Pay at a Apple Store.

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    09-10-2015 08:08 PM
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    Excellent. I seriously have never done it there. I am going to have to hold out and buy it in store just bec it's kinda worth the cash back!
    09-10-2015 08:40 PM

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