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    Apologies if I posted inappropriately about using jailbreak apps here (and being a Windows user). I'd love to post this on [redacted] but I can't register through Facebook or Twitter for that site.. I'd suspect Remote Messages is probably one of the most used jailbreak tweaks/apps out there, hence why I'm here.

    I'm using Remote Messages (3.1.2) with a jailbroken iPhone5 (iOS8.4) on a WindowsPC (actually on a Win10 preview 10166)

    I'm using Firefox 39 on the Windows PC. The editing cursor doesn't seem to work well within that browser. You can scroll left/right on a line of text, but you can't jump the cursor up/down or use the mouse cursor to move it - quite strange.

    Other browsers I've tried seem ok though, Edge, IE and Chrome.

    Just wondered if anyone on a WinPC noticed something similar.

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