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    Hey guys,

    I've been full of praise of apple music so far, but something strange happened about two days ago and ever since my Apple music is really acting up and it's becoming very messy. Was hoping maybe this is a well known bug or somebody else has experienced (and overcome) the following:

    it all started when one evening I opened my apple music (which back then functioned just fine) and it decided to 'update my iCloud music library' or something along those lines. That was odd enough cos it wasn't the first time I launched Apple music but many days in. After, all the songs I had stored locally (including songs I had purchased a long time before Apple music) had all of a sudden lost their 'stored locally' phone icon in the corner (hope you can follow). That alone really bugged me cos it pretty much felt like Apple just confiscated my music and I had to re-download. Did that, but now - even if made available for offline playing- the tiny icon indicating its stored on my phone wouldn't show up again. It was available (checked by going on airplane m), but you couldn't tell by just looking at it.
    Next thing I did was hit '...' and make available offline, and lo and behold the phone icon returned. But I had to do that for each song individually and it seemed redundant as i knew all the other ones were available offline as well. Turns out hitting that button again downloaded the same for a second time, as I now get to see whenever I scroll through my music on my watch or plug the phone in in my car. On my iPhone all the affected songs are listed just once. But on other devices multiple times.

    I tried to fix it by simply deleting those artists altogether, wipe them off my phone and then add again and at first it appeared to have done the trick... then I checked my watch (sourcehone) and oh well, it pretends i never deleted anything but instead just added another copy of the same track. Every time I try to delete and re download to fix the online/offline mess described above it just multiplies the songs.

    I'm gonna add a pic to substantiate this lengthy discourse

    All sorts of issues with Apple Music.. help.-image.jpg

    Has anyone experienced similar hiccups regarding online/offline playability and said offline icon next to the tracks? Any suggestions how to sort out this mess? It kept telling me it couldn't download certain songs, i kept hitting retry and while it eventually ended up once on my phone, it now says something like 35 songs (all the same obviously, looks like one for every time it made me tick 'retry') on my watch. I'm a bit annoyed since it doesn't look like there's an easy fix... therefore any input is appreciated

    *edit* I should perhaps add that I'm using Apple music (iCloud music)only on iPhone thus far. Didn't activate it anywhere else.. and right now don't think I will risk it on my iPad.
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    07-10-2015 04:58 PM
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    I don't subscribe. I have Music turned off. But I could not get "shuffle" to work on my playlist. It showed the same song 15 times in "Coming Up". I messed with the shuffle icon some and it finally did right.
    07-10-2015 06:59 PM

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