1. anon(220176)'s Avatar
    I have an iPhone 6 Plus with 8.1.2 that syncs to iCloud (Calendar, Reminder, etc). Everything works great.

    I recently got an iPad Mini 3 with 8.1.3. Set it up just like with my iPhone. However, Reminder often times does NOT sync with iCloud. Changes made to my Mac syncs to iCloud.com and the iPhone, but not the iPad.

    I have to go to Settings -> iCloud -> my name and reenter my iCloud account password then it syncs. After a while, it stopped syncing again.

    Anyone have this issue with the iPad or 8.1.3?
    04-05-2015 04:52 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Update to iOS 8.2
    04-05-2015 05:01 PM

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