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    I'm looking for a cyda tweak that only turns on my cellular data for an app when the app is actually open, then turns cellular data off when app is closed.

    I know under the normal iPhone setting I can go in and individually set each app cellular data on or off but that's not what I'm asking or wanting.

    So say it's set up like my normal cellular data options but when toggled on for instance Facebook, Facebook cellular data would be off, I then click the Facebook app, once app is open the cellular data is on, when I close the app data would be turned off.

    I know I still have to tackle the issue of app being in background till I completely close the app, but there's options out there already. I'm trying to cross one bridge at a time.

    Reason I'm so interested in it is because my iPhone 6 eats my data up. I've had every iPhone before from the original and never had this issue. I've seen where others reported as well. All this is besides the point tho cause I'm not looking for pointers on that, just want to know if the on/off data when app is open is something already out there or if I need to email a developer and see if an are interested in it.

    Thanks folks
    04-04-2015 02:50 PM
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    -- Moved to the jailbreak section --
    04-04-2015 04:10 PM
  3. advancedrescue's Avatar
    04-04-2015 05:26 PM
  4. advancedrescue's Avatar
    04-07-2015 05:53 PM
  5. 3cit's Avatar
    K, I'll bite
    You want cellular data turned off completely for everything? Or just the specific App?
    Like cellular data is off, you open Facebook, cellular data automatically comes on, you close Facebook, cellular data automatically goes off?
    Or you open Facebook, and Facebook at that point starts using cellular data only, then when you close Facebook, Facebook stops using cellular data exclusively, until you open Facebook again?

    Also, if you are going to have to remember to intentionally kill the app running in the background anyway, isn't the cellular switching not really necessary?
    04-08-2015 09:32 AM

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