1. a4pod's Avatar
    so today i took some pictures with my family which are important pics to me because i'll be leaving them to another country, i want and need those few pics as a memory, after few hours i had to restore my iphone from my backup.. then i checked i lost the pics i took today, is there any way i can get them back? i mean are they deleted? im unjailbroken, and ready to do anything to the device to get those pictures.. ( i can't even find it in my photos in icloud)
    02-27-2015 03:10 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Did you back-up at all before restoring - either to iCloud or iTunes on computer? If not - and the photos did not get uploaded to Photo stream or iCloud Photo Library - the photos are gone.

    02-27-2015 03:26 PM

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