1. jab1979's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I'm completely new to this forum and haven't ever jailbroken anything, so apologies if this is a dumb question or if it's a repeat of a common question on these forums.

    I've got an old iPhone 5 and want to just use it as an iPod touch. Honestly, I wouldn't mind it working pretty much the same way it does now, except I just want to remove all the useless pre-installed apps (like Stocks, Newsstand, Weather, etc.) that I can't currently take off the phone. Any suggestions on which jailbreak strategy to take? I'm not that terribly concerned about having tons of control over the file system, etc. (unless there's an awesome music player you can suggest). I just want as much room as possible for my music and nothing that I don't use clogging up the phone.

    01-25-2015 06:08 PM
  2. natasftw's Avatar
    It's generally a bad idea to start deleting things if you don't know what you're doing just because you can run into dependency issues. The space you're worried about really is negligible.

    But, you'll need to give us something to work with here. You're asking us to guess a LOT about your device. The 5 game out with iOS6. It can run the current iOS. Jailbreaks are modifications to the OS on your phone. We can't help you jailbreak your iOS without knowing what you're running. That's almost more important to know than the device itself as most jailbreaks handle all devices that run on the iOS version.

    After jailbreaking, you'd use iFile to gain access to your file structure.
    01-25-2015 10:44 PM
  3. jab1979's Avatar
    Ah. Sorry. Like I said, I'm new to this.

    I'm running iOS 8.1.2 on a 16 GB iPhone 5.
    01-25-2015 11:11 PM
  4. natasftw's Avatar
    01-26-2015 10:32 PM

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