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    WHEN: On or about 10-October, IOS devices running IOS 7.X (iPads and iPhones) in significant number began to exhibit problems with App Store Updates. There are many boards now reporting the problem.

    SYMPTOMS: IOS 7.X device App Store Update screen will show [UPDATE] button when no updates are available. Further, after updates occur, the button will continue to show [UPDATE] but when pressed, will open the app. Further, [UPDATE ALL] button is greyed out and will not work.

    WORKAROUND#1: Going to [PURCHASED] view in App Store will allow user to manual update by clicking on the product description to right of ICON and left of [OPEN] button. A dialogue box will open and [UPDATE] can be clicked.

    WORKAROUND#2: Turning on App Updates will trigger all apps to update without manual intervention, but does not actually fix the problem.

    WHAT APPLE SAYS: There does not appear to be any acknowledgement or posts from Apple about this issue.

    RESOLUTION: The only known permanent resolution to problem is update to IOS 8.1, which will resolve and return the IOS device to normal App Store Update behavior.
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